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Our Construction Management Portfolio

Our Construction Management Portfolio

Whether you are looking for a CPM Scheduling Team or Construction Management, Palmetto Scheduling has the experience and know how to get see your project through from start to finish on time and possibly even early.

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Check out our extensive list of construction management projects below, and give us a call to discuss your needs.

Schools, Colleges, Universities Scheduling

  1. Ashley Ridge High School, Summerville, SC
  2. Baptist Hill High School, Hollywood, SC
  3. Beaufort CSD 2010 Summer Renovation of 10 Schools, Beaufort, SC
  4. Bluffton Middle School, Beaufort, SC
  5. Brockington Elementary School, Darlington, SC
  6. Buford Elementary, Columbia, SC
  7. Charleston County School District, SC, program 2000-2010 $500+ million in scheduled projects
  8. Charleston Southern University Science Bldg, Goose Creek, SC
  9. College of Charleston Science Bldg, Charleston, SC
  10. College of Charleston Student Center Renovation, SC
  11. College Park Elementary, Goose Creek, SC
  12. Crestwood Auditorium, Sumter, SC
  13. Daniel Island Academy, Daniel Island, SC
  14. Dubose Learning Center, Manning, SC
  15. Goose Creek High School, Goose Creek, SC
  16. Hannahan Middle School, Hannahan, SC
  17. Hunley Park Elementary School, N. Charleston, SC
  18. Indian Land Way High School, Lancaster, SC
  19. Kitchen Addition & Renovation for Charleston Southern University, SC
  20. Lakeview Elementary School, Dillon, SC
  21. Lakeview High School Renovation & Addition, Dillon, SC
  22. LATA Elementary School, Dillon, SC
  23. LATA Middle School, Dillon, SC
  24. Laurel Hill Elementary, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  25. Lee County Middle School, Bishopville, SC
  26. Lexington High School Addition & Renovation, Lexington, SC
  27. Lexington One New 85+ million High School, Lexington, SC
  28. Lyons-Carver Elementary School, Columbia , SC
  29. McBee High School, McBee, SC
  30. Midland Park Elementary, North Charleston, SC
  31. Modernization Program Scheduling for Charleston County School District, SC
  32. Murray Hill Elementary, N. Charleston, SC
  33. New Berkeley County High School, SC
  34. New Center for the Arts and Academics, North Charleston, SC
  35. New District 2 Dorchester County High School, Summerville, SC
  36. New Stall High School, North Charleston, SC
  37. Norris Wingo Renovation for Charleston Southern University, SC
  38. North Central High School, Kershaw, SC
  39. North Charleston Elementary School, SC
  40. North Charleston High School 2001 Project, Hannahan, SC
  41. North Charleston High School 2009 Project, Hannahan, SC
  42. Northside Middle School, Greenwood, SC
  43. Pinewood Classroom Addition, Summerville, SC
  44. Porter Gaud Cafeteria Expansion, Charleston, SC
  45. Porter Gaud Science Building & Gymnasium, Charleston, SC
  46. Program Scheduling for Charleston County School District’s Capital Improvements
  47. ReDesign Program Scheduling for Charleston County School District, SC
  48. Richland County High School #4, Blythewood, SC
  49. Seismic Modifications Early Design, Ready Work & Relocations Program Scheduling
  50. Southeast Middle School, Columbia, SC
  51. Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, SC
  52. Trident Technical College Bldg 900 Renovation, N. Charleston, SC
  53. University of Georgia Student Learning Center – HVAC, Athens, GA
  54. University of South Carolina’s Honors Residence Hall, Columbia, SC
  55. West Ashley High School, West Ashley, SC


Federal Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. ​Barracks Bldg J611, Green Zone, Iraq
  2. Beaufort Naval Hospital Renovations, Beaufort, SC
  3. Bldg C Renovation & Upfit State Department, Lexington, SC
  4. Border Patrol Training Complex, North Charleston, SC
  5. Brig Window & Door Replacement Naval Weapons Station, North Charleston, SC
  6. Building 1122 Naval Weapons Station, North Charleston, SC
  7. Building 320 Naval Weapons Station, North Charleston, SC
  8. Building 324 Motor Pool Naval Weapons Station, North Charleston, SC
  9. Building 405-MCAS, Paris Island, SC
  10. Building 584-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  11. Building 658-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  12. Building 703-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  13. FLETC Building 65, Charleston, SC
  14. FLETC Indoor Firing Range, Charleston, SC
  15. Fort Gordon Barracks, Augusta, GA
  16. Joint Armed Services Reserve Center, Eastover, SC
  17. MCAS Building 458-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  18. MCAS Building 601-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  19. MCAS Building 611-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  20. MCAS Building 700-PISC, Paris Island, SC
  21. MCAS Modular Barracks, Paris Island, SC
  22. MCAS Recruit Training Facility, Paris Island, SC
  23. Medical Dental Facility, Paris Island, SC
  24. Motorcycle Safety Course Naval Weapons Station, North Charleston, SC
  25. NAS Barracks, Meridian, MS
  26. NNPTC Training Complex, North Charleston, SC
  27. Recruit Training Facility, Paris Island, SC
  28. Shaw AFB Fitness Center, Sumter, SC
  29. Shaw AFB Replacement Dormitory, Sumter, SC
  30. Shaw AFB VOQ/TLF, Sumter, SC
  31. The Charleston Weapons Station Medical Facility, N. Charleston, SC
  32. Wharf Alpha Staging Phase 1 – N. Charleston Weapons Station, SC


Forensic Scheduling and Claim Analysis

  1. Albany Recovery Boiler, Albany, OR
  2. Ashley Ridge High School, Summerville, SC
  3. Atlas WWTP, Shreveport, LA
  4. Barrington Court/ Barrington Arms, Myrtle, SC
  5. Buncombe County Prison Claim, SC
  6. Cherryville Elementary Claim, Cherryville, SC
  7. CLECO HRSG Foundations Claim, Shreveport, LA
  8. College of Charleston Exterior Restorations, Charleston, SC
  9. College of Charleston Simon’s Art Center, Charleston, SC
  10. DE&S – Amerex Claim, Shreveport, LA
  11. Fort Gordon Barracks, Augusta, GA
  12. French Quarter Inn Impact Analysis, Charleston, SC
  13. Gordon Elementary School, Dillon, SC
  14. Greenville Memorial Hospital, Greenville, SC
  15. Las Vegas West Sahara Library, Las Vegas, NV
  16. NAS Barracks, Meridian, MS
  17. Newberry Middle School, Newberry, SC
  18. North Central High School, Kershaw, SC
  19. River Mountain Pumping Station, Las Vegas, NV
  20. SPANN Elementary School, Summerville, SC
  21. University of SC Arnold School of Public Health, Columbia, SC
  22. Weapons Station NISE Training Facility, N. Charleston, SC


General Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. #1 Piggly Wiggly, Charleston, SC
  2. 100 Calhoun Street Building, Charleston, SC
  3. 163 Rutledge MOB, Charleston, SC
  4. 1st Citizens of Daniel Island, SC
  5. 1st Scots Church, Charleston, SC
  6. 205 ½ King Street Building, Charleston, SC
  7. ADC Engineering Building Addition, Charleston, SC
  8. Arbor Landing Project, North Myrtle Beach, SC
  9. Augusta National Concessions Buildings, Augusta, GA
  10. Augusta National Grill & Locker Room, Augusta, GA
  11. Augusta National Outdoor Golf Shop, Press Rm & Queue Area Renovation, GA
  12. Battery Soccer Stadium Sky Boxes & Corporate Offices, Charleston, SC
  13. Bella Vista Townhouses, Charleston, SC
  14. Bellasera Villas, Charlotte, NC
  15. Bethany United Methodist Church, Summerville, SC
  16. Blackbaud Corporate Office Building & Soccer Stadium, Daniel’s Island, SC
  17. Bulls Bay Country Club, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  18. Carter May Catholic Diesis Retirement Facility, Charleston, SC
  19. Charleston Maritime Center, Charleston, SC
  20. Christ Episcopal Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  21. Citadel Johnson Haygood Stadium Replacement, Charleston, SC
  22. College of Charleston Energy Plant, Charleston, SC
  23. Colleton County Court House, Walterboro, SC
  24. Dolphin Construction – Residential Homes, Kiawah, SC (37 homes scheduled to date)
  25. DuPont Office Building, Monks Corner, SC
  26. East Cooper Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  27. East Cooper Medical Center, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  28. Folly Beach Pier House, Folly Beach, SC
  29. Forest Square Piggly Wiggly, Myrtle Beach, SC
  30. Francis Marion Garage & Renovations, Charleston, SC
  31. Frankie House, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  32. Frankie’s Fun Park, Greenville, SC
  33. Gateway Center Expansion, Charleston, SC
  34. Georgetown Cooper Center, Georgetown, SC
  35. Greenwood Piggly Wiggly, SC
  36. Hampton Inn, Daniel Island, SC
  37. Harley Davidson Retail/Repair Store, N. Charleston, SC
  38. Hertz Rental Training/Corporate Facility, N. Charleston, SC
  39. Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Sullivan’s Island, SC
  40. Isle of Palms Fire Station, IOP, SC
  41. James Island SPCA, Charleston, SC
  42. John’s Island Fire Station, Seabrook, SC
  43. KKBE Synagogue, Charleston, SC
  44. Low Country Senior Center, James Island, SC
  45. Maybank Highway Piggly Wiggly, John’s Island, SC
  46. McAllister Funeral Home – Bees Ferry, Charleston, SC
  47. McAllister Funeral Home, Charleston, SC
  48. McCarren Airport Tarmac, Utilities & Concourse Refurbishment, Las Vegas, NV
  49. Motley Residence, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  50. Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  51. Mt. Pleasant MOB, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  52. Mt. Pleasant Senior Center, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  53. Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Pier & Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  54. Ness Motley Corporate Offices Bridgeside, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  55. Newton Fresh Field Farms Upfit, Johns Island, SC
  56. Old Fort Baptist Church, Summerville, SC
  57. One Vendue Range Townhouses, Charleston, SC
  58. Palmetto Business Center, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  59. Palmetto Primary Care, Goose Creek, SC
  60. River Banks Zoo – African Village, Columbia, SC
  61. Santee Cooper Cooling Tower Foundations Units 3 & 4, Cross, SC
  62. Santee Cooper Med Building, Cross, SC
  63. SC Ports Authority Wharf Enhancement, Charleston, SC
  64. Seabrook Island Club House, Beach Club, Fitness & Tennis Center, Seabrook Island, SC
  65. SeaCoast Church Addition, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  66. SeaCoast MOB, Myrtle Beach, SC
  67. St. Benedict’s Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  68. St. Michael’s Church, Summerville, SC
  69. St. Peters Church, North Charleston, SC
  70. Sunset Commons Piggly Wiggly, NC
  71. Thai Basil Restaurant at SeaSide Farms, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  72. The Daniel Island Course Clubhouse, Daniels Island, SC
  73. The Market Common Development, Myrtle Beach, SC
  74. The Ocean Course Clubhouse, Kiawah, SC
  75. The River Course Clubhouse, Kiawah, SC
  76. Thompson Hall – Citadel Barracks, Charleston, SC
  77. Trident Citadel Park MOB, Goose Creek, SC
  78. TV 2 Addition, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  79. University Place MOB, Goose Creek, SC
  80. Westvaco Stock Prep Tank Foundations, Charleston, SC
  81. Anson House Condominium Complex, Charleston, SC
  82. Orangeburg Country Club, Orangeburg, MUSC Central Energy Plant Building, Charleston, SC

Healthcare Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. $250 million MUHA Replacement Hospital, Charleston, SC
  2. Bailey Hospital, Tulsa, OK
  3. Beaufort Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC
  4. Brookwood IMCU Addition, Birmingham, AL
  5. Colleton County Medical Facility, Walterboro, SC
  6. Cullman Regional Medical Center, POB III, Birmingham, AL
  7. Hollings Cancer Facility MUSC, Charleston, SC
  8. Medical Dental Facility, Paris Island, SC
  9. Memorial Hospital Patient Tower Addition, Jacksonville, Fl
  10. Mental Health Facility, Columbia, SC
  11. MUSC Building EP Lab Renovations, Charleston, SC
  12. MUSC East 9th Floor Renovation, Charleston, SC
  13. MUSC Nurse’s Training Center, Charleston, SC
  14. MUSC O.R. Renovations, Charleston, SC
  15. MUSC School of Dental Health, Charleston, SC
  16. MUSC Storm Eye Renovations, Charleston, SC
  17. Roper Med. Share Upfit, Charleston, SC
  18. Roper West Ashley Campus Cancer Center, Charleston, SC
  19. Southeastern Spine Institute, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  20. The Medical University of SC (MUSC) BSB HVAC Upgrades, Charleston, SC

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Historic Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. 134 Meeting Street Renovations, Charleston, SC
  2. 151 Meeting Street Renovations, Charleston, SC
  3. Atlantic Bread Company, Charleston, SC
  4. B.A. Building Asbestos Abatement at the University of SC, Columbia, SC
  5. Carolina Ice Palace, N. Charleston, SC
  6. Charleston Airport Roof Repairs, Charleston, SC
  7. Cigar Factory Condominiums, Charleston, SC
  8. City Market Shed Renovations and Upfits, Charleston, SC
  9. College of Charleston Chiller & Boiler Replacement, SC
  10. Dockstreet Theater Renovation, Charleston, SC
  11. Early Child Development Center – College of Charleston, SC
  12. Embassy Suites at The Citadel
  13. Houlihans Restaurant, Charleston, SC
  14. Jason’s Deli, Charleston, SC
  15. Long Life & Learning Center, Summerville, SC
  16. Luden’s – IMAX/ Riverwalk Renovations, Charleston, SC
  17. McAlister Field House Roof Repairs, The Citadel, Charleston, SC
  18. MUSC – College of Pharmacy Renovations, Charleston, SC
  19. MUSC 3rd Floor Library Renovations, Charleston, SC
  20. National Car Rental Training Facility, Goose Creek, SC
  21. NISE East Building, N. Charleston, SC
  22. North Charleston Post Office, North Charleston, SC
  23. Orangeburg Country Club Addition & Renovation, Orangeburg, SC
  24. OT Wallace & Blake Tenement Buildings, Charleston, SC
  25. Our Lady of Mercy Church Renovation, Charleston, SC
  26. St. John’s Church Steeple Replacement, Charleston, SC
  27. T-Mobile Building Renovation & Upfit, Daniel Island, SC


Industrial Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. Agru-American New Process Facility, Georgetown, SC
  2. Bayer – Agfa Plant Upgrade, Goose Creek, SC
  3. Certainteed Facility, Vigo County, Indiana
  4. PPG Furnace Refurbishment Shutdown, Shelby, NC
  5. Roche Carolina Pharmaceutical Thermal Oxidizer, Florence, SC
  6. Santee Cooper Jefferies Pump Station, Cross, SC
  7. Santee Cooper Make-up Water Structure, Cross, SC
  8. Santee Cooper Powerblock Units 3 & 4, Cross, SC
  9. Scotts Fertilizer Plant, North Charleston, SC
  10. Union Camp Paper Upgrade, Union Camp, SC


Infrastructure Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. Maybank Highway Stone River Bridge, Johns Island, SC
  2. POMFLANT – Site Work and Wharf Upgrades, N. Charleston Weapons Station, SC
  3. Santee Cooper Site Development, Cross, SC
  4. Savannah River Plant Road & Bridge Work, SC
  5. The Sax on Market Street, Charleston, SC
  6. Winyah Power Plant Site, SC


Master Program Scheduling

  1. Charleston County School District’s Building Program – 2000 thru 2005, Charleston, SC
  2. Charleston County School District’s Building Program – 2006 thru 2010, Charleston, SC
  3. Dorchester County School District’s Capital Improvement Projects – 2006 thru 2008,SC
  4. Nuclear Training Complex – R.O.I.C.C, Goose Creek,
  5. One Vendue Place Townhouses, Charleston, SC
  6. Program Schedule for $250 million MUHA Replacement Hospital, Charleston, SC
  7. Univ. of Alabama Birmingham 60+million Steam Distribution Project, Birmingham, AL

Ship Production Scheduling Projects

  1. FF, “Ex-USS Clark”, N. Charleston, SC
  2. LNG 958’Carrier, “Arzew”, N. Charleston, SC
  3. LSD 38, “Ex-USS Pensacola”, N. Charleston, SC

Turnaround Cost and Scheduling Projects

  1. Albany Recovery Boiler, Albany, OR
  2. Bluffton Middle School, Bluffton, SC
  3. Chouteau Power Plant, Tulsa, OK
  4. Dental Facility at the Weapons Station, N. Charleston, SC
  5. Embassy Suites at the Citadel, Charleston, SC



Waterproofing Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. MCAS Naval Hospital Waterproofing, Paris Island, SC
  2. MUSC Basic Science Building Waterproofing, Charleston, SC
  3. Port Royal Apartments – Remediation, Augusta, GA

Water Treatment Construction Scheduling Projects

  1. Columbia Canal Waste Water Treatment Plant, SC
  2. Evans Field Waste Water Treatment Plant – Augusta, GA
  3. LAMB 2345 Pump Station – Las Vegas, NV
  4. Marion Water Treatment Plant, SC
  5. MPW Addition, Mt. Pleasant, SC