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Unique Construction Scheduling

As master construction schedulers, Palmetto Scheduling’s extensive experience gathering, organizing, and disseminating information in the form of a CPM schedule coupled with our familiarity with all major scheduling softwares allows us to competently apply our skills towards any number of unique, custom applications.

Unique Construction Scheduling Project #1:

Arzew LNG Carrier
North Charleston, SC

Our staff was contracted to be construction schedulers and managers by Deyten’s shipyard to help coordinate and manage through CPM scheduling the refurbishment of several ships, one of which was the LNG Carrier Arzew. (see photo link page for photo source)

Unique Construction Scheduling Project #2:

IMAX Theater & Fountainwalk
Development – Charleston, SC

Palmetto Scheduling developed and maintained Primavera P6 CPM schedule for the renovation of a historic building on the Cooper River. Through master construction project scheduling, IMAX theater was constructed inside the existing building’s façade. The Fountainwalk development of shops, offices and restaurants were built on a pier over the Cooper River. The project was scheduled through-out design, permitting and construction.


Unique Construction Scheduling Project #3:

Riverbanks Zoo Ndoki Forest
Columbia, SC

Palmetto Scheduling developed and maintained Primavera CPM schedule for project featuring specialty deliverables such as elephant containment and restraint corrals, plus thatched roofing on all buildings. Through construction project scheduling, the final project featured elephant exhibit and handling facility, gorilla base camp, meerkat exhibit and ancillary gift shops and restaurants. (see photo link page for photo source)