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Building Programs Construction

Palmetto Scheduling has been the lead scheduler on numerous multi-year, multi-project building programs in which we oversaw all scheduling aspects of the program – from the initial conceptual program schedule to detailed Level III schedules for each individual project. Initial program schedules outline the various phases of each project in the program in order to give critical needs assessment and prioritization. We also provide cost projections for each project in the early phases of the building program using our own proprietary software to provide anticipate monthly draws throughout the life of the program. For each individual project, we develop extremely detailed Level III schedules that incorporate all aspects of the project: land accusation, design, bid & award, construction and commissioning. Palmetto provides narratives and graphics to provide a simplistic overview of project status coupled with detailed analysis of trends and potential pitfalls. We are also a readily available resource to perform impact analysis for all time-related change requests.

Building Programs Construction Project #1:

Charleston County School District
Charleston, SC

Palmetto Scheduling has been the lead scheduler on the $2.2 billion capital improvements and critical needs building program from 2000 to 2022 for the Charleston County School District. We also provided impact and delay analysis on time-sensitive Change Orders and Change Directives.

Building Programs Construction Project #2:

Kaiser Permanente
Atlanta, GA

Palmetto Scheduling developed and refined Kaiser Permanente’s schedule template for a capital improvements project’s life cycle, which covered all project phases: land acquisition, design, permitting, construction, and commissioning. We have also provided schedule oversight for specific projects in their capital improvements program. These individual project services also included impact and delay analysis on Change Orders and Change Directives.

Building Programs Construction Project #3:

University of Alabama Birmingham 
Steam Plant & Distribution
Birmingham, AL

Palmetto Scheduling developed and maintained the building program schedule and specific target schedules for the multi-phased UAB Steam Plant and distribution system to 30 Academic and Medical Buildings located across UAB’s campus located in metropolitan Birmingham. The new system consisted of a 6 boiler state-of-the art steam plant, 30,000 linear feet of 8”-30” diameter steam delivery lines, and a complete condensate return system. The location of the installation mandated that the components be installed over/under streets, through tunnels, over bridges, and through existing buildings that remained in full operation during all phases of construction. The system had to be scheduled and managed to avoid the interruption of campus activities, as well as operations of the UAB Medical System. Special university considerations and constraints were considered in the schedule which drove the logic of the bid packages and system procurement activities.