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Earned Value (EV) – Cost & Resource Loading

Construction specifications now frequently require CPM schedules to be cost loading such that the project schedule is used to generate all pay applications. If the cost loading is not correctly inputted and distributed in Network Analysis Schedule (NAS) or Baseline it will be an uphill battle to process pay applications throughout the duration of the project. Many specifications are now requiring Earned Value (EV) analysis which is a cost based methodology of analyzing progress. If the cost loading is not properly inputted by someone who has an understanding of the EV process, you can have a project showing an early completion date, while at the same time having the EV analysis showing the project is running behind schedule.

Improper cost and resource loading on projects can expose the GC to undue harassment at project meetings because a paper analysis is showing your well-run and on-time project is behind schedule. Improper cost loading on projects which use the schedule to generate pay applications could result in the GC financing the project when many legitimate costs are removed from the pay application because they are not supported by the schedule.

Palmetto Scheduling is familiar with all of the nuances detailed in the numerous public and private sector specification requirements.  We can eliminate the hassle associated with getting Baseline, Target, or NAS schedules approved in order to start work and get pay applications processed. 

Cost & Resource Loaded Project #1:

Boeing Dreamliner and 
BR&T Production Facilities
North Charleston, SC

Palmetto Scheduling developed and maintained numerous Primavera P6 CPM schedules for several different GC’s working on the Boeing Dreamliner and BR&T facilities. All scheduling adhered to Boeing’s stringent cost loaded and Earned Value (EV) CPM schedule specification requirements. (see photo link page for photo source)

Cost & Resource Loaded 

Project #2:

Camp Lejeune Pretrial Detention Brig
Jacksonville, NC

A remotely scheduled project, which was developed and maintained to the Dept. of Navy’s stringent cost and resource loaded CPM schedule specification requirements. Pay applications were generated directly from the CPM schedule.

Cost & Resource Loaded

Project #3:

Santee Cooper Coal Fired Power Plant
Pineville, SC

Palmetto Scheduling developed and maintained numerous Primavera CPM schedules for several different GC’s working on the new Santee Cooper coal fired power plant project. All CPM schedules were cost and resource loaded and used to generate all pay applications.