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Impact / Delay Analysis & Forensic Scheduling

Palmetto Scheduling has performed forensic scheduling and impact/delay analysis for myriad projects throughout the United States and abroad. We are familiar with state and federal construction law precedence to enable us to successfully argue equitable adjustment despite contract language, such as “no damages for delay” clausesPalmetto Scheduling also employs numerous display methods, including animated BIM models to visually represent our analyses.

Construction Project #1:

CLECO HRSG Foundations
Shreveport, LA

Palmetto Scheduling provided impact analysis and forensic scheduling for the project’s GC. Palmetto presented findings and testified as an expert witness in arbitration. (see photo link page for photo source)

Construction Project #2:

Hollings Cancer Center
Charleston, SC

Palmetto Scheduling provided a full forensic as-built critical path analysis for the total duration of the project. Palmetto Scheduling’s analysis resulted in successfully negotiated extended general conditions compensation for the General Contractor.

Construction Project #3:

Sahara West Library
Las Vegas, NV

In 1998, Palmetto Scheduling provided Impact analysis and forensic scheduling as well as some of the earliest 3D delay fragnet graphics to successfully negotiate extended general conditions and acceleration costs compensation. (see photo link page for photo source)