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Your Construction

Scheduling Team

Your Construction Scheduling Team

Palmetto Scheduling, LLC. was founded in 2003 and has a staff with over fifty-eight years of combined construction scheduling experience. Palmetto Scheduling provides the construction community with the expertise to ensure superior organization and control throughout the project; time savings during the construction of each project; improved relations with subcontractors, material suppliers, and financial institutions; improved customer satisfaction with more consistent on-schedule project delivery; and better documentation of timelines throughout the project. Our services include CPM SchedulingProject ForecastingDispute Resolution and Schedule Analysis.

Palmetto Scheduling’s staff has experience developing and maintaining construction schedules for over $2 billion of work. We have consulted nationally on projects across the United States and internationally as far away as the Green Zone in Iraq.

Grady Query

President & Master Construction Scheduler

Grady Query serves as President of Palmetto Scheduling since starting the firm in 1997. He has over twenty-two years of experience as a construction project scheduling consultant. Grady takes great pride in both the standard of excellence of Palmetto Scheduling’s construction management services and the family environment shared among the firm’s staff. He has extensive experience scheduling in every sector of construction. Grady has also assembled and argued multi-million construction claims cases.

John Lovell

Master Construction Scheduler

John Lovell has over twenty-two years of experience as a construction project scheduling consultant and has been with the firm since its start. John’s ardent and forthright consulting approach is the reason he is typically paired with the company’s most complex and challenging construction management projects. John has extensive experience with industrial construction management projectshistorical construction management projects, and federal construction management projects. He is the leading authority of Earned Value Management (EVM) within the firm.

Matt Brothers

Senior Construction Scheduler

Matthew Brothers has over nine years of experience as a construction project scheduling consultant. Matt’s attention to detail is unparalleled within the firm. He previously served as a construction project manager and has been in the construction industry since 1996. Matt has extensive experience with healthcare construction projects as well as educational construction projects.

Steve Grabowski

Master Construction Scheduler

Steve Grabowski has over eleven years of experience as a construction project scheduling consultant. He is Palmetto Scheduling’s most experienced building program consultant. His personable and engaging approach helps create the necessary team-build environment for project success. Steve has extensive experience with educational construction projects and with forensic scheduling.