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The Power of Critical Path Method, CPM, Scheduling


Palmetto Scheduling assists its clients by providing services related to the project’s baseline target schedule, as well as the updating of a Critical Path Method, CPM, schedule to recognize progress achieved through a date certain. Palmetto Scheduling’s scheduling staff has expertise in preparing a baseline CPM schedule to ensure that the schedule is reflective of the project’s scope, consistent with contract prescribed scheduling specifications and indicative of the contractor’s intended plan for executing the project.

As master CPM schedulers, we understand the importance of getting buy-in from all members of the project team such as the project manager, superintendent, architect, and subcontractors. We appreciate that while CPM schedules must be complex enough to track and forecast the project’s scope of work, the schedule report narratives and graphics must be succinct and easy to understand. Although well-executed and well thought-out, a CPM Schedule that is overly tedious to read can be a schedule that rarely gets used. 

Additionally, Palmetto Scheduling recognizes the importance of properly updating the CPM schedule to include the current scope of work remaining, actual start and finish dates for activities completed, and the work sequencing for the balance of the work remaining as of the data date.

CPM Scheduling Provides Cost-Effective Project Oversight

CPM Pre-Construction List

  • Tracks and holds parties accountable for design documentation preparation
  • Forecasts building costs across the program’s construction timeline
  • Integrates required construction permitting into the master schedule
  • Provides drop dead dates for procuring owner-furnished equipment
  • Creates planning and/or zoning board presentations
  • Provides a tool to display construction program intent and construction timelines to the community
  • Provides an excellent mechanism for document review and constructability analysis
  • Provides assistance in preparing front-end documents and specifications to protect and serve the owner’s interests
  • Forecasts the entire construction program’s labor requirements for all trades, allowing for informed, staggered starts of specific projects so as not to overtax the local labor market on key trades
  • Assists in reviewing technical proposals during Bid and Award

CPM Construction List

  • Provides the owner with a 3rd party, informed and subjective overview on construction project progress
  • Provides the construction project team with insightful timesaving measures
  • Helps ensure quality control through scheduling 3 phase quality control measures
  • Tracks and provides variance report on planned vs. actual costs and resources
  • Provides impact analysis of construction project delays

CPM Post-Construction List

  • Streamlines Commissioning and Training timelines
  • Ensures against lingering claim exposures
  • Provides Models for Future Building Programs